Welcome to our Year 5 Blog Zone!

Welcome to our Year 5 Blog Zone!

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our English skills. We will be writing using lots of different genres which could include diary entries, debates, story starters, story settings and many more.

We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is the potentially the whole of the world wide web. We would really appreciate you leaving comments as to what you liked about our writing and maybe a  comment of how we could  make our writing better.

All comments will go to be moderated before going live.

If you have any ideas of what you would like us to blog about, please add your comments.

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WW2 learning so far

LO: To summarise what you have learnt so far about World War2.

In this blog share facts you have learnt so far about your topic – WW2.

If you have any questions or areas of learning you want to know more about , include these in your post.


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Yr5 Writing Challenge1

Should you choose to accept this writing challenge, you will need to look at the image and write a short descriptive passage.

The air raid sirens have just gone off and you and your family have to get to the air raid shelters.

Use no more than 120 words  and you must include the phrase – I ran

Good Luck!

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A diary entry from an evacuee

LO: To write a short descriptive piece of writing.

Imagine you are a child during World War 2 and you have be told you have to leave your parents and home to be evacuated.

Think about: What do you take with you? How do you feel? what was the journey like? What were you new family like?

If you need any more information about Life for Evacueesclick here

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